BiddRocket is a behavioral science company that has been studying how groups of people make decisions since 2010. Along the way we discovered that hidden in transactional data are networks of social influence similar to the network data owned by companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The big idea is that merchants do not need these large social networks to learn who their most valuable customers are. We have developed; a machine-learning cluster that infers social influence networks from transactional data. It reveals connections between customers and influence among them.


screenshotBasically, we are able to infer a social network structure only from transactional data logs e.g. sales data. More data is good, but all we really need for our technology to work is payment data. That means that we don’t need graph data from Facebook to tell you how your customers are related and who is most influential. With our definition of influence being that the most influential customers are the ones who have been proven to drive most sales among the others. Furthermore, don’t forget that even when Facebook graph data is available, online influence is only a shadow of real world influence.

The Dashboard allows users to upload large data sets for processing. After an influence network has been inferred, users can download the database in full or explore specific clusters online.


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We operate our service with the highest standard of privacy and security. Anonymous data processing is available on request.


Super Fast

With our advanced cluster and optimized algorithms, even your largest data sets will be processed into actionable results in seconds.


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What can you do with our insights?


New Dimension of Marketing

Traditional measures of a customer’s value ignore the fact that in addition to buying products themselves cusotmers can influence others to purchase as well.


Personal Relationships

When you know your most valuable customers, you will be able to build personal relationships with your customers. When you host VIP events, invite your top 100 most influential customers as well.


Find Trends

Influence and trends change constantly, but by performing our analysis on a regular basis, you will be up-to-date about the social dynamics of your business.


Infer Influence

Referral marketing has been around for a long time, but we dramatically improve it. By infering social networks from your sales data, you will have a list of customers weighted by their influence.


Personal Service

We will make sure you get the most of our tools by supporting you when you have a problem.


Better Leads

Having a list of customers with an influence score attributed to them will add another dimension to the way you qualify leads for your sales team.


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